For Debtor Customers

Your creditor concluded a contract with us for the management of debts, to represent its interests during the settlement of debts.

Have you been contacted by Creditexpress?

In order to find a solution that suits you, the most important thing is to contact us as soon as possible. This way, you can indicate in time if you feel that the claim is unlawful or that you have payment difficulties.

What is debt management?

Debt management is a service where an overdue and undisputed debt is collected from the debtor by the creditors or a debt management company engaged by them before initiating a judicial procedure.

We always seek a solution that is comforting and appropriate for all. After we have contacted the debtor – whether via the phone, or a letter – we assess all possible methods of repayment and, if necessary, we offer customised payment relief or payment in instalments.

Complaint handling

If you have any complaints about our administration process, please contact our staff so that we can settle the situation in a way that is reassuring for everyone (!

How can I settle my debt?

You can pay up your debt in a single amount or, if necessary, in instalments. Please note that failure to pay your arrears by the set deadline might result in further costs being added to it, e.g. interest.

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Should you have further questions about your case, do not hesitate to contact our colleagues or the Client Service.




    A procedure requested by the debtor in defence of the debtor, which he can apply for if he is unable to pay the creditor. During the term of this procedure, the debtor cannot be challenged and he receives a moratorium and protection from his creditors, i.e. no enforcement or liquidation procedure can be initiated against him.


    It means a debt arising from lending money, goods or services.


    The co-debtor has the same obligations as the debtor. It has the same liability for the payment of the debt.


    During the collection we contact the debtor, send him payment notices, and may offer payment in instalments or with rescheduling arrangements. During the collection we seek to settle the debt efficiently on the basis of negotiations. Right from the beginning of the process, CREDITEXPRESS liaises with the debtor.


    Means a natural person, legal person or other entity that owes money or has other payment or other obligations.

    Due date

    The date by when an amount owed is payable. If it is not paid by the specified deadline then this amount is to be considered a debt.

    Enforcement procedure

    It means a regulated legal process, as a result of which the creditor might receive the relevant goods or money if the debtor fails to fulfil his assumed obligations voluntarily.


    A monetary debt the debtor is required to pay under legislation or a contract.