About us

The CREDITEXPRESS Group is a European financial services company, trusted by more than 500 clients in the region.

Stability and dynamism

The CREDITEXPRESS Group was launched in 1999. Today the Company is present in 6 European countries, providing coherent and effective services of a high standard to our clients everywhere in the fields of debt management. In recent years we have helped more than 3,000 clients so far to concentrate on what they do best: their business – rather than on debt management.

We are proud of the fact that, since our establishment, we have been able to work with the most prominent consumer brands and financial groups in the region. Thanks to this stable partnership, we have been able to offer an ethical, coherent and efficient recovery service from the very beginning. This allows our international clients to enjoy the same high-quality services, Group level standardised reports and flexible procedures.

Tradition in progress

The CREDITEXPRESS Group is a European financial services company, managed by its owners until today, hand in hand with a qualified international team. The Company has currently nearly 1,500 staff at the international level.

Innovation is essential in every area for CREDITEXPRESS Group, whether in the development of the back-office infrastructure (i.e. the softwares supporting our work) or the training of our highly qualified staff. We continuously use our experience gained in the Eastern-Central Europe region and our international expertise to provide the best services to our clients at all times.

Our international partner, the SVEA Bank, is a leading actor in the Northern European market; it has been active as a financial and administrative service provider since 1981 and is licensed by Finansinspektionen, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. SVEA is operating offices in 8 countries and has an extensive network of partners worldwide; assisting businesses using its 40 years of professional experience to improve and increase their liquidity over short financial periods.

Combining the use of the latest technology and innovative solutions with a high standard of personal and customer driven services, with SVEA Ekonomi Group we are always able to offer a better option to our clients.

Why choose Creditexpress

You can focus on what you know best

We are specialists in debt management. In the region, we enjoy the trust of more than 500 clients, for whom we help to resolve issues related to outstanding debts, from the first day of late payment until the purchase of the debt. This enables our clients to concentrate on their core business, secure in the knowledge that their finances are being managed by professionals.

Services customised to the company’s needs

Over the past decade, we continuously developed our services in a rapidly changing market environment by sensitively responding to feedback from our clients, and in this way, they could successfully meet the specific needs of the Eastern-Central European region.

Understanding the specific needs of the region

We use the most advanced collection technology, in view of the expert level application of the collection psychology in the relevant economic and cultural environment. We offer unique and efficient services that offer optimum solutions for both our debtor customers and our clients.

Lawfulness and ethical procedure

The Code of Ethics of our Group means a genuine commitment to our Clients and our Clients’ customers. CREDITEXPRESS staff respect those individuals and companies facing financial difficulties for any reason.

Our solutions will significantly increase your chance of payment. Do not hesitate to contact our colleagues for more information!

Guiding principles

All members of the CREDITEXPRESS Group seek to establish the high standard and diversity of debt management represented by the Group in every market.

Debt settlement is a sensitive and complex area. In the course of collecting debts, we have to maintain the fragile trust relationship between our clients and their customers, which can be the basis of their subsequent cooperation.

We always carry out our work transparently, professionally, with the most advanced collection methods, and with the required empathy, at the same time, in accordance with the principles set out in our Code of Ethics. We pay attention to acting appropriately in every situation.

  • We carry out the collection on behalf of our customers in an ethical, high quality and cost-efficient manner.
  • Compared to our competitors, when we provide services of outstanding quality and effectiveness, we protect the reputation of our Clients under all circumstances.
  • We provide transparent services tailored to current needs.
  • We respect and protect the rights and dignity of the debtors during the collection process.
  • We treat the data of our Clients and the debtors confidentially.
  • We apply a data management, data security and processing protocol that goes beyond the effective legislation.

Reliable debt management companies work according to strict ethical standards, in compliance with the rule of law. For more information please click on the link: Code of Conduct.

Social responsibility

As financial service providers, our Group takes corporate social responsibility seriously from the outset. The members of the Group support numerous minor initiatives locally.

The CREDITEXPRESS Group supports two community projects dealing with children in difficulties: the maintenance of the Children Hospice in Barenherz and the renovation of the school of Kamakwie in Sierra Leone are issues that we proudly support.

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