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Collection of indebtedness is a very promising sector of economy of any country, maybe one day it will become among leading ones, but today it is too early to talk about it. It is unreal to achieve any improvements in this field without innovations. The interesting thing is that a lot of necessary and unique products are geographically located in Ukraine.

We are glad to advise that a new feature – Slack chat – has bee developed, tested and successfully introduced by Creditexpress Ukraine by using IT innovations. The primary objective of this product is to increase the number of methods of efficient interaction with Debtors to offer high quality and professional consultations. Commencement of a meaningful dialogue with us will reduce the time required to settle indebtedness. Identification will be through Facebook and Viber, the user shall also indicate his/her file registration (contract) number.

Negotiations online is a rather convenient way of communication. When you hear the voice of a creditor’s representative, you may become nervous and say different things about various circumstances which make payment of indebtedness impossible or even result in insults. With a written message you can carefully think over and rewrite the text several times before sending it.

If you are an honest debtor, but you just have temporary difficulties, we will find ways to resolve the problem situation together, offer repayment conditions acceptable for all, help in negotiations with a bank or microfinancial organization to find compromise.

The most important is to make a step forward and you will succeed.


Should you have further questions on our company or need information about your case, on the management or purchase of debts, do not hesitate to contact our colleagues or the Client Service.

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