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Management and collection of debt is a time-consuming task requiring specific legal, psychological and IT knowledge and the right infrastructural background.

CREDITEXPRESS staff, with nearly 20 years of experience, assist our Clients in recovering their lawful claims as simply and free from risk as possible.

Early Collection

You can mandate us to deal with your invoices from the first day after they become overdue. For what reason?
  • We will send out payment notifications instead of you.
  • Your pre-calculated costs will decrease and you will not incur further expenses.
  • This service provides you the opportunity to enforce all your outstanding claims effectively and quickly.
  • We pay utmost attention to maintaining the business relationship between the debtor and the Client.

Late Collection

Cost effective and professional debt management with numerous advantages.
  • Phone and correspondence-based collection solutions tailored to the Client’s business strategy.
  • We offer debtors numerous payment solutions, thus facilitating immediate payment.
  • Our telephone collection staff are organised into area and Client-specific teams, which improves the process
  • Our Clients will not lose their customers on the grounds of any unpaid invoices.

Receivables Purchase

We purchase your overdue debt, irrespective of the portfolio volume to be sold. During this process, we provide comprehensive professional and legal advice.
  • Selling your claims means immediate cash-flow to your business.
  • You can focus on processes within your company’s core activity and you don’t have to provide resources for the collection of overdue claims.
  • You can ease the burden on your valuable human, hardware, software and IT resources.
  • You no longer need separate collection administration and in this way you can save the associated expenditure.
  • Via the sale of your claims, we support and relieve the burden from your business by implementing a comprehensive debt recovery/debt management strategy.

Debt Surveillance

The management of debts where recovery looks hopeless is a unique service of CREDITEXPRESS Group.
  • We monitor the financial position of debtors through decades via the phone, in letters and contacts by agents.
  • If there is regular contact between the debtor and the debt management company, the appropriate debt management method can be applied as soon as the debtor’s financial situation improves.
  • This option can be particularly effective in precarious financial times, when the debtor has no income but becomes solvent again after gaining new employment.

Legal Collection

Complementary to and integrated in administrative debt recovery, we deal with the enforcement of your claims using judicial means. Our lawyers work according to the standards of the Group.
  • We represent our Clients and support them with our expertise in time consuming procedures requiring special expertise.
  • We undertake the completion of the entire judicial procedure (including court and enforcement cases).


We are using our multi-channel contact center to provide outstanding Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services in many languages.
  • Taking care of your CRM and database
  • Building your loyalty/customer community
  • Handling your OB/IB calls
  • Providing information and talking to your customers
  • Creating and distributing effective e-mails, followed by transparent reporting
  • Managing all the back office tasks


Should you have further questions on our company or need information about your case, on the management or purchase of debts, do not hesitate to contact our colleagues or the Client Service.

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