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Russian citizen became more satisfied by state of economy in Russia

According to results of the survey made by All-Russia Center of Research of Public Opinion, WCIOM, the rating of economy situation in Russia last month was 51 points against 32 points for the same period in 2016. It is posted in

It is stated that during April only the rating added 8 points.

The respondents were giving marks to 6 criteria`s: general state of economy and political sphere, vector of State development, their well-being, satisfaction by their life and future perspectives.

Thus, according to survey results, all the criteria`s of social well-being became better then in April.

Political sphere increased from 54 to 61 points, state development from 49 to 62, index of life satisfaction from 42 to 50. The criteria of social optimism and family well-being gained 2 points each, and are now 64 and 57 points.

WCIOM made this survey during May 25-29, 2017, among 1 600 Russian citizen over 18 years old in 130 cities in Russia.

The state of economy`s improvement will in the nearest future show in the results of collection agencies – because quite a few debtors could finally get a new job, and are ready to settle the question of their debt. Although still the special offers of restructuring, payment by installment and different actions by Creditors reducing the financial burden on the debtor, are extremely popular.

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