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New data from Russia on complaints

The National Association of Professional Collection Agencies (NAPCA) made a rating of the most problematic regions in Russia. The maximum amount of complaints is in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Moscow region. By expert opinion, those data are an indicator of finance literacy of the population and the level of control from the side of authorities and community in the area, of the problems arising in collection process. The most suffering from the illegal collection actions are the people in the regions which are in the end of the rating.

The bailiff office in a period from January 1 till March 16 received about 1,6 thousand of complaints, but only 25 of them were justified. The half of the complaints were about implementation of the new Federal Law №230-FL about collection in Russia.

By the source in NAPCA, from 442 complaints, received in April, only 13% go to the category of hard-complaints (illegal collection actions – threats, rudeness, property damage). The rest are consulting questions, complaints of calling the relatives and to wrong phone numbers.

CREDITEXPRESS Russia is very attentive to the complaints of debtors and third parties. For several years, already we have a special department – «trust service desk», which deals with customer applications. You can reach them by phone 8-800-555-5687 or write an application on the company`s website, filling a special form “Application to trust service desk” at the page Contacts.


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