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The courts attract debtors to administrative responsibility for an insult of the collector.

Unfortunately, the incorrect and rude treatment of debtors against the employees of the Сollection Agency are not uncommon. Many get into debt because of financial inaccuracy or lack of attention to the contents of the credit agreement, and direct their aggression at the situation at the employees of the collection Agency, who call them to remind of the debt.

The company “Creditexpress Finance” (LLC “CEF”) protects the interests of its employees. In most cases of the kind, we initiate internal investigations, and submit a written statement to the Prosecutor. Recording of the conversation is provided by LLC “CEF” as an attachment to a statement, and it easily convinces the Prosecutor, and later the judge, in the presence of the offense.

For example, 17.08.2017 by the Deputy Prosecutor of Kalininsky area of Cheboksary the decision was made on initiation of proceedings about an administrative offence on the fact of abuse inflicted by debtor A. to our team member B. (impersonal data).

27 September 2017, the city court of Astrakhan issued a judgement in favor of the employee of LLC “CEF”. The court found the debtor guilty of committing an administrative offence under article 5.61 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the RF, and drew him to administrative responsibility in the form of a fine.


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