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CE Russia – The Central Bank has launched an educational portal on financial literacy

The Central Bank launched an information and educational portal on financial literacy — from August 31, 2017, was reported in the press service of the regulator.

“The site is intended for a wide audience, with different amount of knowledge about the economy and different financial capabilities. The materials of the website in a simple form with some assumptions and simplifications help to understand the things that can happen to anyone, from personal budget planning to finding the optimal strategy of formation of future pension. It is not a direct guide to action, but only recommendations which you can adhere to, not to lose sight of anything important and not to be in a critical situation,” — is said in a release.

Basic information on the website grouped by themes, based on specific needs of citizens. For example, to learn about how the inflation affects lives or how to check the authenticity of banknotes, you can in the section “Money”. Information on how to take the credit or loan is collected in the section “to Borrow”. Great attention of the Central Bank is paid to issues of protection against fraud. In each section you can get a mini-test to check your knowledge, said the Bank of Russia.

In addition, the site contains news on changes in legislation, new products and services, as well as quick tips on relevant topics.

There is a special page to check the legitimacy of financial institutions, which is directly connected with the official data of the Bank of Russia. Using before entering into a contract with a financial institution you can check her license or her records in the state register.

And in 2018, the portal will add a directory of fraudulent schemes in the financial market, and users will be able to add stories that serve as a warning to others.


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