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CE RUSSIA-Anticollecors – a panacea?

Unfortunately, the salary of the average citizen is not enough to purchase trendy gadgets, appliances, real estate, cars, trips abroad, to development a private business, to maintain your health, etc. it The only quick way out is to get credit or a loan.

But the loss of income or other unexpected events in life lead to the fact that many borrowers are unable to cope with their debt. The result is a substantial debt with accrued interest and penalties.

The Internet is full of bright suggestions by anticollectors, which promise to quickly solve the problem with the debt, without payment of it. Unfortunately, the appeal to so-called “credit lawyer” will not help to receive a radical solution of financial problems. In most cases, they will help only to delay the fulfillment of obligations or to negotiate a slight reduction of the debt.

Let’s see what the opponents of the Creditor or the so-called “loan lawyers” promise:

  1. To terminate the loan agreement with the Lender.
  2. To get rid of communication with Lender or his representative – the collection Agency.
  3. To stop the increase in fines and penalties for late payment of the loan.
  4. To fix the debt and to determine the installment payment of the debt.

n fact, they do the following:

  1. Create a statement about withdrawal of consent for personal data processing.

Such a statement may be filed to the Creditor, but it does not mean that actions to recover the debt will be stopped, and it does not affect the right of a Creditor to engage a collection Agency. The law authorizes the processing of personal data unilaterally to execute the contract and comply with legal requirements.

  1. Create a statement on the termination of the credit agreement.

Such a statement does not entail the invalidity of the credit agreement, the termination of the charges made on the terms of the agreement and does not extinguish already existing debt. The decision on cancellation of the contract is accepted by the court, so you will need to pay the lawyer also for writing of the claim and representation in court.

  1. Create an appeal to the Lender to revise the terms of lending.

Not a single Lender will revise the terms of the contract on the basis of such a statement, especially if the appeal is sent by Anticollector. Banks and microfinance organizations have a very negative attitude to the activities of such agencies.

Thus, the Anticollector will provide you with no real help. And during the time of your cooperation with him, you will spend decent money to pay for his services.

A lawyer who really wants and can help, should be contacted at the very beginning – when you are only thinking of getting credit or a loan. At that time the lawyer will explain in detail all the conditions of the loan agreement to you. And then, after weighing all the risks, only you will decide to take a loan or do without it. If you still faced the problem of debt payment, you should immediately get in touch with the Lender or his representative, because it is the only real legal way to influence the conditions of the overdue debt and to find a compromise solution.


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