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CE RO-B2C collected debts situation in Romania in 2016

The Romanian Association of Commercial Debts (AMCC), member of FENCA, together with Ensight Management Consulting, has also analyzed the evolution of the B2C collected debts, comparing 2015 with 2016.

In 2016 the value of the collected B2C domestic debts has evidently increased. Although the total number of cases in this segment has fallen slightly from 2015, their value has increased by 20% reaching more than 3.2 million cases with a total value of over EUR 392 million. The highest share is held by outsourced domestic debts (55%).

International outsourced collected debts, on the other hand, have increased by only 4% compared to 2015, but their value grew by about 86%.

These increases can be explained by increases in the average value per case, but also by the recent improvement of the Romanian economic environment.

As for the sectors in which these B2C debts originate, Banking and Telecommunications are the leaders, both as values and number of cases. The debts coming from these sectors represent over 87% of the total number of outsourced domestic debts (1.9 million cases) and over 93% of the total purchased domestic debts (1.2 million cases). The IFN sector has also reached a large number of domestic cases in 2016 (nearly 150,000) with a value of approximately EUR 30 million. However, the Leasing cases recorded the highest average value (1063 EUR/ case), well above the values ​​recorded in other sectors.



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