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CE Inkasso Poland-runs at charity event

This year in Wroclaw our two teams – CREDITEXPRESS I and CREDITEXPRESS II – for the third time participated in the Company Run. This charity event for a one day connects many companies, that together run kilometers  to help disabled children. Corporate running is not just a race event, it is an excellent opportunity to integrate within the company and between companies. This is a sports picnic, with attractions for children and supporters.

The Everest Foundation, that organizes the Company Run, helps children with disabilities in difficult situations. Foundation mainly supports children from Wroclaw. Each year, Foundation finances  the  treatment, rehabilitation, needed equipment and specialist care.

Our teams  achieved  very good scores. There were personal best times,  so there  was a reason to celebrate 😉 Congratulations!

But more important for all of us is helping children.



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