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CE Czech Republic-Database management training, Salzburg 07/2017

We were invited by leading BMW people to take part in the database management training which was organised in Salzburg for us. We were delighted to receive this invitation, so we  set up a four-member team and then began preparing the groundwork.

The training was scheduled for two days, so we set off the day ahead to have enough time for travel, accommodation, and first acquaintance with the city. As the best way how to get to Salzburg we chose the official car, the BMW 440i, so the trip itself was an great experience. Together with a lunch break and a smaller stop for a few purchases, the journey lasted for an estimated six hours.

The next day a meeting with our colleagues in BMW was awaited and the training itself, which was focused on the technical part of our cooperation. The first day was devoted to a rough look at the system and the basic points we work with. In the evening, we were invited to one of the local restaurants for an informal dinner, where we had the opportunity to meet our colleagues personally.

The next day in agenda there was a detailed view of the structure of the project and of the tools at our disposal. The training was even more technical and we had the opportunity to discuss several existing projects and plans for the future.

The whole business trip was not only a beautiful trip but, first of all, motivation for all participants. Our colleagues from Salzburg are very inspirational people who appreciate our cooperation as we do. Therefore, the whole training was very productive for both parties and we firmly believe that we will all again be glad to see our colleagues on another occasion.


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