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B2C debt collection market in Romania – evolution and expectations

The Romanian Association of Commercial Debts (AMCC), member of FENCA, has recently published the results of a study on the evolution of the debt collection market in our country, comparing 2016 to the situation of 2015, as well as on the expectations for 2017.

Generally, there was an increase in the volume of outsourced and purchased debts, both B2B and B2C, as well as in the total collected amounts and revenue.

In 2016, the B2C outsourced domestic debts segment reached a market share of 80%, which means a decrease compared to 2015, when it was 89%. The number of purchased cases, however, grew from 11% from total B2C debts in 2015 to 20% in 2016.

The total value of outsourced B2C debts in 2016 was aprox. 4,642 bil EUR, while their number was over 6,3 mil cases.

The number of outsourced B2C cases slightly decreased with 14%, while the number of purchased cases grew with 87% compared to 2015, which reflects the operators’ tendency to optimize their client portfolios.

The most cases come from the telecommunications sector, representing 68,7% from the total number of domestic commercial debts, followed by banking and IFN debts, at a long distance. In the banking sector we find however the highest values of outsourced B2C debts, both outsourced and purchased, of even more than 80% form the total value of debts.

As for the guaranteed debts in 2016, the B2C outsourced cases represented 0,7% from the total of domestic banking outsourced cases, while the purchased guaranteed cases sum 9,7% from the total number of domestic banking purchased cases.


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