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Russia: 5 months of the new Law – first results.

Today is exactly 5 months since the entry into force of the Federal Law №230-FL “On protection of rights and legitimate interests of individuals with the implementation of activities of collection of the overdue debts and on amendments to the Federal law “About microfinance performance and microfinance organizations”.

The first results are following: The Law is considerably limiting the pre-legal stage of collection for both collectors and creditors, especially in the terms of quantity of contacts with the debtor.

At present, there is no precise information on what is counted as a contact. Is it a 0-seconds connection, or connection and identification of the debtor, or connection, identification of debtor and a statement of purpose of calling? All those questions must be answered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. At present, they work on creation of normative-legal base, which will later form the basis of the regulations. But meanwhile the market must move towards a mass collection on legal stage.

Since the Federal bailiff service (FSSP) has a significant impact on the debtors, possessing all the necessary instruments, given by the government, the repayment becomes inevitable. We wrote earlier about restrictions of travelling abroad when having a debt over 10 000 rubles. Bailiffs also practice other methods of enforcing debt payment in a remote way, for example, blocking/freezing of accounts of debtors. Such methods are very popular in developed countries of Europe and America.

CREDITEXPRESS is a company with European background, and we have a policy of maximum achievement of constructive, compromise and win-to-win negotiations with the debtors of our Partners. We always try to suggest all the possibilities for the debtor to repay his debt effectively and without stress.

Unfortunately, some of the debtors don`t follow even the repayment plan suggested by themselves. In such cases, we have to move collection to a legal stage. CREDITEXPRESS already has a separate task from the majority of main creditors, and a huge experience in legal collection. In European countries, all the problems end in court, and Russia is not an exception.

You should have in mind that the collection on the legal stage increases your debt considerably (because of court expenses and payment for bailiff`s service). That`s why we give an advice for debtors not to wait until the case goes to the court, but to try to solve the problem about debt voluntarily. Our Specialists will have a good offer for you, just call us!



Should you have further questions on our company or need information about your case, on the management or purchase of debts, do not hesitate to contact our colleagues or the Client Service.

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