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Our employees are professionals in their field, and their contribution to the common cause is truly priceless. We are glad that we can celebrate the 10th anniversary of the company with a Team that believes in success and always strives to develop skills and abilities.

Over the years, there have been so many important events, so many interesting projects have been implemented, that is difficult to imagine, how they all fit in these 10 years.

We are proud of our achievements and victories. A lot of work has been done, but there are still so many ideas for implementation! Therefore, we do not intend to stop, but will continue to follow the path of professional growth and development.

Of course, we want to thank our employees for their trust and constant choice. Thanks to those who have been with us all these 10 years, thank you and those who joined recently – we are always glad to new acquaintances.

We continue writing history of our company. And we are sure that 10 years are just the beginning, and the brightest victories are yet to come!


Should you have further questions on our company or need information about your case, on the management or purchase of debts, do not hesitate to contact our colleagues or the Client Service.

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